Former monastery De Weijer and Weijerpark

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House De Weijer had a religious function from as early as the fifteenth century, being the house where the local vicar lived. In 1850 friar and teacher Jan de Smit moved in. He turned the building into a boys' boarding school called St. Chrysostomus. This boarding school existed for ten years, until Jan de Smit’s death. At the end of the nineteenth century, the church council bought De Weijer and made the building available to the Sisters of JMJ (Jesus Mary Joseph). The sisters expanded the site over the years. It became a combination of several girls' schools: a kindergarten, a high school, a primary school, and a domestic science college. De Weijer was sold in 1974 to the municipality of Boxmeer. After a thorough renovation, it became a cultural and educational centre.


De Raetsingel 1
5831 KC Boxmeer
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