Grave of Uncle Johannes van Gogh

Grave of Uncle Johannes van Gogh

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Opposite Vincent van Goghstraat number 5, there is a small field where you can find the grave of Johannes van Gogh. He was the eldest brother of Vincent’s father. Vincent lived with his uncle in 1877 when he was studying theology in Amsterdam.

Uncle Jan’ (who climbed the ranks of the Royal Navy to ‘Schout bij Nacht’ (rear admiral)) also regularly visited the Van Gogh family in Helvoirt and always brought gifts from the Indies, including a black Makassar dog for the children. From 1883, he lived for a time in the Rosen Haeghe country house in Helvoirt. Two years later, he died here. The building was demolished in the 1950s to make way for the Rijksweg.


Vincent van Goghstraat 5
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