Van Gogh Mural Eindhoven

In Eindhoven, artist Julien Crevaels was inspired by the rural surroundings where Van Gogh lived and painted.

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The work of art can be seen in a tunnel that is the underpass of one of the old roads between Nuenen and Eindhoven, where Van Gogh often walked as he moved from his parental home to the station. "The starting point for the mural is two photographs taken at the railway tunnel. The photographs show the typical landscape that Van Gogh also reflected in his paintings: pollard willows, farms, and meadows. The use of colors provides a visible reference to his work. The black outline of each area makes the mural look like a large stained-glass window," says Crevaels. 

Through the transition from one area to another, the colors in the tunnel come to life and appeal to the imagination. Stand still, look and imagine yourself in a painting by Van Gogh.

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