St. John’s Tower, Sambeek

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The foundation stone for the construction of the church tower was laid in 1486, yet it took a further 46 years for the tower to be completed. The tower could be seen from afar, but could not yet be heard, so bells were made for the tower. A story about the church bells has been passed around Land van Cuijk for centuries – you can read the entire story at the Duvelsklökske experience route. 

The tower has been through quite a lot over the years. It was struck by lightning in 1702, and after being hit during the Second World War, it suffered severe cracks. At the end of 2013, the tower was once again as good as new following a major restoration project. 

Various activities are organised in the tower, one of which is climbing the tower itself.


Grotestraat 54
5826 AH Sambeek
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