Liessel forest

These woods can be regarded as a typical Brabant forest.

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Liessel forest 
These woods can be regarded as a typical Brabant forest. An attractive part is the place where the Oude Aa river runs through the forest, where the riverbank vegetation gives the woods a new look.   

Peel fault line
If you follow the course for another few hundred meters upstream along the Berktsedijk dyke, the road starts ascending noticeably. Two dams have been placed in the stream course at only a 100 meters’ remove from each other, resulting in the stream course dropping over two metres. The location of the Peel fault line is clearly visible here.   

These woods also contain the so-called Galgenberg. This is a clearing in the woods where, in the past, the corpses of convicts were hanged on a gallows to serve as deterrence and example.  

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Liesselse bossen
5757 SK Liessel
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