Oostappense Forests

These woods are characterised by surface sand ridges. These drifting sand ridges were formed in the drier areas between the stream valleys, due to shifting sands. The 'Puddingberg' near Recreatiepark 'Prinsenmeer' is a wonderful example of this.

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The area consists mainly of production forests, which were established in the 1920s. Convex fields surround the wooded area. Deer are frequently spotted here. The Oostappense forest is home to many bird species. Crested tits, treecreepers, black tits and goldcrests are often spotted there, and with a little luck you might even see the long-eared owl on its roost. 

Owned by the municipality of Asten, the area is included in the hiking trail network.

This is how to reach Oostappense Forests

Oostappense bossen
Beekstraat 31
5724 PL Ommel
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