't Gulden Land

Nature reserve that runs from the head of Aarle-Rixtel via the Bundertjes to the centre of Helmond-Noord.

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Together with the Municipality of Helmond and the Water Board Aa and Maas, the Municipality of Laarbeek is developing the area from the Kop van Aarle-Rixtel via the Bundertjes to the centre of Helmond-Noord under the name: 't Gulden Land. The name refers to the little stream the Gulden Aa that flows through the area. The Gulden Huis also used to stand in the middle of the area. t Gulden Land is to become a place where nature, water, cultural history and recreation go hand in hand. In 2023, a new nature area will be created in the Kop van Aarle-Rixtel. The area will be further developed in the coming years, but it is already a wonderful place for walking. You can explore 't Gulden Land via the junction network for walkers and cyclists. The Waterpoort route also takes you through the area.

You can follow all current developments in 't Gulden Land on the project page.

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Bezoekadres 't Gulden land
Havenweg 6
5735 SH Aarle-Rixtel
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