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Checkpoint Theatre, het dak er af! is the latest theatre show in the Checkpoint series: spectacle, fun, crazy trials and interaction are at the heart of this show for the whole family.

With Checkpoint Theater, you as a visitor are taken into the world of explosions, shooting sausages, walking on ceilings with electromagnets, competitions with roller skates powered by orbital sanders, and children who can try to fly with a DIY jetpack. At Checkpoint Theater, you can participate to the fullest! During five rounds, the audience will attempt to break a real world record.

Checkpoint Theater, Het dak er af! is more interactive and crazier, but above all more fun and spectacular than all previous Checkpoint performances combined.

  •  Excludes beverage
  • Children must also have a ticket.


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  • Friday the 24th of may 2024 from 19:30 to 21:00Tickets


  • Regularfrom €20.00 to €30.00