Dinner in motion: omnomnomohhhhhh!

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Noud de Greef

A candlelit dinner – why not make it the light from of a couple of projectors? Yes, it is cozy. Being able to project assorted colours and images also allows you to make it a special dinner – like at Dinner in Motion. The area around you and the table appear to be bare and white ... until the show begins! Each course is illuminated differently. Or rather, dressed up and brought to life. Projections give you a different atmosphere in the area, time and time again, that fit with the dish, ranging from burlesque to library. And even the latter is by no means dry material!
Between the courses, an animation is displayed on the table and the walls that changes the space completely. However, as soon as the dish is on the table, the animation becomes subtle. And that is a good thing, because the dishes themselves are better than good and very tasty. A wine package is also served, if so desired, equally surprising with wines from different countries, properly detailed by the staff. There is enough time to take your orders for other items, but everything happens quite quickly.
In short, if you want to present your loved one, family or colleagues with something unique with regard to food: go ahead! You are seated with all the guests of that evening at a long table. An empty chair separates the various groups but, let’s be honest, it’s not a problem if someone sits there. You obviously go through this experience together and, despite the empty chair, in the typical Brabant way, everyone points to and discusses all there is to see and taste. Thankfully, there is time to have a drink in the bar section and chat before and after the show (a much better name for this combination).

Piazza 64
5611AE Eindhoven
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