Tasting Room At Brack Breda

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Audrey Fennema

If you are in Breda and want a good beer, be sure to look for Brack.

It is a hidden gem in the old harbour quarter where the past is combined with a unique concept. The surroundings are industrial, functional and authentic. Brack is located in an amazingly huge industrial warehouse that still has the old lift bridges hanging from above. This was once the location of Backer and Ruud, Breda’s well-known machine factory, and you feel as though you have gone back in time.
There is plenty of beer to choose from the local breweries Bliksem and Ramses. The draught wall has 34 taps that vary from light blond beers to strong dark beers. Beers with unique names, and each with their own character and taste.

The menu fits in perfectly with enjoying beer and Brack’s aura: honest, delicious and well thought-out. The vegan guests are taken into consideration as well – satisfaction guaranteed. There is Nacho’s Brick with a nice spicy dressing, sweet chili, crispy celeriac fries and vegan cheese. Or a cheese fondue with spring onion, delicious bread and fresh raw veggies galore.

Having such a large warehouse demanded creativity during the energy crisis. Well, the staff at Brack was certainly successful. They built a greenhouse of sorts indoors that gave a cosy and intimate atmosphere yet still allowed an unobstructed view of the impressive warehouse. An old wood-burning stove and some gas heaters warm the area. Each table has a label that tells you which felled tree in Breda was used to make it. Another bit of nostalgia.

If the sun is shining, then Brack is the place to be as well. The large terrace by the water is wonderful spot to relax in a beautiful setting.

Speelhuislaan 173 A
4815CD Breda
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