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Discover the rich and diverse landscape of West-Brabant where Van Gogh found his first inspiration. A fertile landscape of peat moors and hills created by the sea was reclaimed piece by piece.

It is an area with unique freshwater tides that can be felt even in Gouda and ’s-Hertogenbosch. Filling up with river water, the drowned farming region Zuid-Hollandse Waard then became the Biesbosch National Park, and Dordrecht turned into an island. In 1815, after 150 years of Hook and Cod Wars (Hoekse en Kabeljauwse twisten), the Protestant King William I handed over the Biesbosch and Protestant Land van Altena to the Catholic province of North-Brabant.

The shared urgency of taming the sea brought the Netherlands together. Experience the generous contribution of West-Brabant’s farmers, fishermen and top chefs to Brabant’s hospitality: taste the superior anchovies, salty asparagus and strawberries, discover the sweet sugar history of the region, and savor special local wines and beers.

Zilt, Zoet, Zalig West-Brabant is developed by Dutch Cuisine, Routebureau Brabant, Regio West-Brabant and VisitBrabant.

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West-Brabant, a fascinating landscape thanks to the contrast of sand and clay soils and fresh and salt water areas, is literally colored by the work of Vincent Van Gogh. His work is inspired in part by this colorful landscape of Brabant. Van Gogh recorded the moment. He often worked outdoors, devoting attention to light and color, on his famous sketches and paintings of farmers working the land.
We see this today in the dishes of the Dutch Cuisine chefs, who incorporate structure, composition and color in a culinary experience on your plate. On this Dutch Cuisine route, we experience Brabant’s landscape through the eyes of a contemporary Impressionist. We discover the beauty of the hospitable culinary modern life in Brabant of 2018, read the landscape of the moment from the seasons, and beside color and light add flavor and color to the impression.
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Fietsen gezin/familie Esbeek Bos fietsknooppuntennetwerk

Fietsen gezin/familie Esbeek Bos fietsknooppuntennetwerk

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