Horse riding route Cartierheide (11,5 km)

Recommended TOP Scenic Route - Use the network of junctions

The Cartierheide heath is a beautiful area with a completely new network for horse riders and carriage drivers. You can ride for miles in this picturesque region, but you can also choose to take just a short trip out with your mount.

The Cartierheide heath is part of the De Kempen natural park and is located near the village of Eersel. The area is known for its wild heathland and rich history. The ideal starting point for this equestrian route is Natuurpoort (Nature Gate) TerSpegelt. From there you can tour the heath, while enjoying the beautiful flora and fauna. Moreover, as a rider you can cut through between junction 88 and 85, crossing the endless heathland.

Tip: The Cartierheide heath is also a special experience on foot. One of the things you will discover during this 6.5-kilometre walk is an unusual wooden pathway.

Sights along the route

Praktische Infos

You can park your car with trailer at Natuurpoort TerSpegelt. You will have enough space to lead the horses out of the trailer.  

Natuurpoort TerSpegelt
Postelseweg 88
5521 RD Eersel

Ride from one intersection to the next. 
Just follow the intersection numbers and arrows​.


This route has been developed by the riders and carriage drivers of local equestrian association Paardrijden in de Kempen.