Walking route Cartierheide (6,5 km)

Recommended TOP Scenic Route - Use the network of junctions

Discover the wild heathland of the beautiful Cartierheide in the middle of hiking paradise De Kempen. For a long time this area was populated by shepherds and smallholders. Hawkers would walk the dirt roads with baskets of merchandise on their backs. It's an area full of history; Napoleon left his mark, and did you know that the woods were smugglers' territory?

The Cartierheide heath is part of the De Kempen natural park and is located near the village of Eersel. It is a quiet walking route through forest, along heathland and past lakes. The idyllic stream Dalems Stroompje flows through the area. You'll find marshy heaths and the unique plantlife that these support, such as round-leaved sundew and the marsh gentian.

“If you are very quiet, you might spot a deer.”

During this walk you can spot all kinds of animals. We recommend a walk in the twilight, when you have the best chance of meeting roe deer. On the heath you might encounter the smooth snake, the viviparous lizard and the slowworm. Have you spotted one? Don’t worry, they aren’t poisonous! This area also boasts moor frogs.

Tip: are you a horse lover? With this beautiful horse riding route you can discover the Cartierheide from a different point of view!

Sights along the route

Practical information

  • Dogs are welcome, provided they are kept on a leash.
  • The route is not suitable for people with a disability and consists mainly of dirt roads.
  • You can park your car on the Natuurpoort TerSpegelt car park. 


Postelseweg 88 
5521 RD Eersel

Walk from one intersection to the next. 
Just follow the intersection numbers and arrows​.

Recommended by the forester

This walking route was developed in cooperation with Dutch forestry organisation Staatsbosbeheer. Erik Schram, forester in the De Kempen region, recommends the walking route:

"A beautiful heathland walk across the Cartierheide, along fens and over a wooden walkway."

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