Walk Oisterwijk Forests & Fens (10 km)

Recommended TOP Scenic Route - Use the network of junctions

The Oisterwijk Forests & Fens (Oisterwijkse Bossen & Vennen) are special, soothing and inspiring all year round. Discover the beauty of one of the Netherlands' most unique natural landscapes. A landscape that boasts no fewer than 80 meres!

From the fairytale frozen meres in winter, the dynamics of nature coming alive in spring, the musical frog croaking in summer to the explosion of colour in autumn, the Oisterwijk Forests & Fens are a feast for all your senses. Spot kingfishers, deer and roe deer, or get close to the meres and ditches and discover a wide variety of insects and water creatures.

The Oisterwijk Forests & Fens leave few untouched. Why not come and see for yourself?

Sights along the route

Praktische Infos

  • Average walking time: 2 hours
  • This route is not suitable for disabled people (there is another route in the area that is suitable)
  • You can park your car on the Natuurpoort Groot Speijck car park.


Naturpforte Groot Speijck parken
Van Tienhovenlaan 4
5062SK Oisterwijk

Walk from one intersection to the next. 
Just follow the intersection numbers and arrows​.

Recommended by the forester

This walking route was developed in cooperation with Dutch preservation organisation Natuurmonumenten. The forester recommends the walking route:

"This walking route lets you enjoy the many meres which mirror the surrounding fairy-tale forest in their waters. It has been protected by Natuurmonumenten for over 100 years!"

Discover the Oisterwijk Forests & Fens

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