Taste the 5 Trappists

Savour and experience the taste of Trappist beers on this unique cycle route of approximately 334 kilometres. The ‘Sample the 5 Trappists’ route is mapped out past 5 Trappist monasteries in Flanders and Noord-Brabant. Follow the signage provided by the cycle route network system.


The entire route is 334 kilometres in length and comprises 6 sections. Each section has its own unique features and there is a contrast between rural landscapes and urban dynamics. The route passes through various cities such as Antwerp, Tilburg and Turnhout, but also through picturesque villages such as Zundert, Hilvarenbeek, Oirschot, Poppel and Merksplas.

6 unique sections of the route
Section 1: From De Koninck to the sisters of Brecht (46km)
Section 2: Experience Zundert in the footsteps of a monk (44km)
Section 3: Pray and work: discover the world of La Trappe (76km)
Section 4: Explore the borders of the Brabant Kempen (59km)
Section 5: Enjoy the natural surroundings of the peaceful Kempen (62km)
Section 6: The flavour and mysticism of monastic life (30km)
Alternative route:  Shorten your route via the BelsLijntje former railway track (17km)