Salty, sweet, delicious West Brabant


Salt, Sweet, Delicious takes you on a culinary voyage of discovery through the Region of West Brabant via exceptional stories about the regional food culture. You can experience and taste these stories in specially compiled hiking and cycle routes filled with tasty locations. For example, you will get interesting information about the regional food culture at the various businesses along the way.

The exceptionally varied landscape gives West Brabant it’s characteristic flavours. Rich river clay and natural landscapes alternate with coastal areas and the Biesbosch, a unique freshwater tidal area. Rye, oats, potatoes, rapeseed and sugar beet, in particular, are grown in the fertile clay ground. In the east of West Brabant, you will mainly find the poorer and high sandy ground and lots of cattle farming.

Experience the Brabant hospitality in the generous smiles of the farmers, fishermen and top chefs who you will meet along the route. Taste the pride of West Brabant: the triple A superior anchovies, the salty asparagus and the blushing strawberries. Discover this region’s sweet sugar history and enjoy the exceptional local wines and beers. You will find them all in West Brabant!