Cycle route Maashorst (45 km)

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Thanks to its enormous diversity and the commendable local conservation efforts, the Maashorst is known as the leading primeval area in Brabant. With an area spanning 3,500 hectares, De Maashorst is the largest contiguous natural landscape region in North Brabant. It contains hundreds of plant species, almost 150 bird species and more than 25 kinds of mammals. The high density of flora and fauna will make your visit to this natural pearl absolutely worthwhile.

"Marvel at traces of habitation from a distant past and see if you can spot the primeval inhabitants of this area."

With this Maashorst route you are assured of an adventurous bike ride. Spectacular archaeological finds have been made here, such as the urn field from the early Iron Age and the largest and richest burial mound in the Netherlands: the King’s Grave in Oss. Do you want to marvel at these primal treasures? Then don't forget to get off your bike and take a look!

With a bit of primal instinct - and a bit of luck - you are guaranteed to spot the primal inhabitants of this area: the European Bison, the Tauros aurochs or Exmoor pony. These three impressive grazers ensure that the natural landscape is once again as it once was: wild, pure and authentic. Don't forget your binoculars!

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Practical information

  • Average duration of the bicycle route: 3.5 hours
  • A cycle trip through the Maashorst is easily combined with other activities in the Maashorst.
  • You can start this cycle route from different locations:

    • De Mastworp / Teugelresort Uden; Bedafseweg 22, 5406 TM Uden
    • De Maashorst nature centre; Erenakkerstraat 5, 5388 SZ Nistelrode
    • De Kriekeput; Schaijkseweg 3A, 5373 KL Herpen
    • De Heische Tip; Straatsven 4, 5411 RS Zeeland

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Recommended by the forester

This cycle route was developed in cooperation between tourist office VVV Noordoost-Brabant, Nature Centre De Maashorst and Programmabureau De Maashorst.  Gonnie Versteeg, Employee at Nature Centre De Maashorst, recommends the cycle route:

"During the adventurous Maashorst cycle route you will discover what makes this primeval area in Brabant so special. Rich cultural history, rugged nature and the rare and interesting wijst landscape phenomenon, De Maashorst has it all. During your trip you will pass through a varied landscape with heathlands, fens, sand drifts and burial grounds. Traces of habitation from a distant past can still be visited here. With your natural primal instinct and a little bit of luck you might spot a Tauros aurochs, Exmoor pony or a European bison during your bike ride. This landscape also boasts a unique phenomenon calles wijst. This phenomenon is the result of a rupture in the earth that happened centuries ago. You can see it in the area called De Wijstgronden and in the valley in Slabroek. Follow your primal instincts and go!"

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