Brabant Remembers

Celebrate seventyfive years of freedom

In late 1944, the south of the Netherlands was liberated during Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Scheldt. The north remained occupied until May 1945. The Second World War provided Brabant with a countless number of stories. Both anxious and hopeful moments have found their place in history. Small, personal recollections provide a complete picture of the war. Visit our Crossroads locations and events where you can get to know all the extraordinary and impressive stories that took place in Brabant between 1940 and 1945.

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Crossroads Brabant

During the Second World War, the life paths of people from both home and abroad crossed each other, these lives are changed forever. Brabant Remembers collects and tells these special and inspiring stories. This is how we connect the past and the present, places and people, with each other. 75 stories, one for every year we have lived in freedom. Together they give a good impression of the impact the Second World War had on the people of Brabant. 

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