48 hours Experience urban vibes in Breda and Eindhoven

Come to Brabant and tune in to the urban vibes of cities like Eindhoven and Breda. Here you can take a peek behind the scenes at leading design labs and stroll past life-size murals. Let the concept stores and original lifestyle boutiques entice you, and discover new neighbourhoods and hotspots in unexpected places, where creative entrepreneurs play with surprising culinary concepts.

Friday - Eindhoven

  • Kazerne - Home of Design

    Did you know that Benz is the latest culinary addition to Kazerne with gastronomy as top-level as the design on display? ©Ruud Balk

    Kazerne - Home of Design Kazerne - Home of Design - Foto: Ruud Balk
  • Hotel The Match

    Hotel The Match Eindhoven

Saturday - Eindhoven - Strijp-R & Strijp-T

  • Urban Shopper

    ©Hanneke Wetzer

    Urban Shopper in Eindhoven
  • MU

    Did you know that the MU art space will take you into the present and the future of visual culture? MU is housed in a former Philips factory and is always a hotspot during Dutch Design Week.

    MU MU Eindhoven
  • Intelligentia

    IJsje Intelligentia Strijp-S
  • Piet Hein Eek

    Piet Hein Eek Designlocatie Piet-Hein Eek op Strijp-R in Eindhoven.
  • Radio Royaal

    ©Vermeer Fotografie

    Radio Royaal - Vermeer Fotografie


  • Blind Walls Gallery

    Blind Walls Gallery Blind Walls Gallery in Breda
  • STEK

    This hip hotspot in the Belcrum is a real urban experience. Located on the edge of the historic city of Breda, an area full of studios, shops and workshops. There's local beer from Frontaal, and you can enjoy culinary delights with no worry that food is going to waste at Foodguerilla.

    Frontaal Brouwcafé Breda
  • Stadtmuseum Breda

    Stadtmuseum Breda Stedelijk Museum Breda