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Mondrian to Dutch Design year raised an additional 15.4 million euros for Brabant

Brabant attracted an extra 78,000 visitors from home and abroad with exhibitions and events during the country-wide Mondrian to Dutch Design theme year. Together they contributed 15.4 million euros to the region. This is according to a national survey carried out by NBTC Holland Marketing.

According to Heleen Huisjes, director of VisitBrabant, visitor numbers and earnings in Brabant are probably even higher. The survey in Brabant was conducted by the  Noordbrabants Museum, Van Abbemuseum, TextielMuseum, Museum Helmond and Dutch Design Week. No figures were compiled for activities at De Ploeg in Bergeijk, workplaces in Brabant such as Sundaymorning@EKWC or Social Label, or at events such as Graphic Matters in Breda.

Brabant Design
The year resulted in an extra 110 million euros for the Netherlands. With visits and spending in Brabant the region came in second place. Almost a quarter of all visitors to the exhibitions and events for 100 Years of De Stijl and Dutch Design came from abroad.

According to Bert Pauli, secretary for Economy and International Affairs, the results which apply to the leisure sector in Brabant continue to develop and offer employment to more people. “By collaboration and innovation of our product, combined with the theme of Dutch Design, the sector has attracted more visitors with more spending power. Museums, workplaces and events such as Dutch Design Week can use this experience to make Brabant more attractive in the coming years for tourists and day trippers. Culture is an important boost for the economy.”

Greater impact
Mayor Callewaert of Bergeijk recognises that the economic impact is probably higher. “In the past year 20,000 tourists from close to home and far away have made their acquaintance with Bergeijk. The year was good for Bergeijk not just for putting the Rietveld village on the map, we have also been successful in reinforcing cooperation among local parties. The whole of Bergeijk is proud of Rietveld and De Ploeg.”

Research also undertaken by Dutch Design Week shows that the theme year attracted about 20,000 visitors with a combined economic value of 4.7 million euros. Heleen Huisjes concludes that a collective approach to thematic programmes has resulted in an enormous impulse for the regional economy.  “Collaboration in connection with Design and also in themes such as Van Gogh is not only good for making our  products more international, but also for the turnover of hotels, restaurants and shops.”


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VisitBrabant is the marketing organisation for Brabant as a destination and has been made possible by the Province of Noord Brabant to give the leisure economy an impulse. The aim is to create more visitors, more spending and more jobs in the leisure industry in Brabant.