Janny de Stadsgids Viguurs

Janny de Stadsgids Viguurs

69 Year, Vlijmen

I was born and raised in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and have been a city guide for a long time. The best hobby there is! I know my way around the most beautiful city in Brabant and can give you an expert tour. I'm used to going out with a group. I know (almost) everything about ‘s-Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch as it is also known. The St.Jan church, the Binnendieze canal, Hieronymus Bosch, places to stay, restaurants, carnival, and the yearly music festival Jazz in Duketown. Feel free to contact me for a bespoke day. North Brabant, in the heart of Europe, only 60 minutes from Amsterdam! Come & See!

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