Vivianne Van Bijsterveld

Vivianne Van Bijsterveld

53 Year, Mierlo

Hi! I'm Vivianne, born in 1970, and mum to a teenage son and a little girl. My hometown of Mierlo is within touching distance of Eindhoven, but I was born in Bergen op Zoom. I go out with my family almost every weekend. To a museum, a nature reserve, shopping mall, theme park... You name it. We enjoy eating out. Do you have any questions about a restaurant? Bring it on! I have plenty of experience :) I am happy to answer any questions you might have, I hope I can help you. Brabant is beautiful, I want to share it.

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Bergen op Zoom Breda / Bergen op Zoom a.s. (West Brabant) Eindhoven Eindhoven / Helmond (South-East Brabant) a.s. Helmond Breda

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