Noud de Greef

Noud de Greef

41 Year, Eindhoven

Fashion & travel blogger. I like to write about killer shoes, smack handbags and pretty summer dresses. Not. I’m Noud, I was born in 1978, grew up in Geldrop and studied (for too long) in Amsterdam. I’ve now lived in Eindhoven for as long as the time I spent studying. I am a communicator with a heart full of (and for) Eindhoven. Digital body, analogue soul and a creative mind, you could say. A hard beta on the one hand, but a soft alpha on the other. I’ve worked for Hermes & Evoluon (can you get any more Eindhoven than that?) and I’m now taking a fresh look at things while working at Museumplein Limburg.

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