Jeroen van Beers

Jeroen van Beers

40 Year, Boxtel

Originally from Boxtel, a tennis fanatic, proud father and devoted to Brabant. Anything from walking through the Kampina to a day out at Efteling. From having lunch in ‘s-Hertogenbosch to enjoying GLOW or the Dutch Design Week. If you’ve got any questions, I’ll happily help you to discover Brabant ;)

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Breda / Bergen op Zoom a.s. (West Brabant) Eindhoven / Helmond (South-East Brabant) a.s. ’s-Hertogenbosch / Heusden a.s. (Northeast Brabant) Tilburg a.s. (Central Brabant) Bergen op Zoom Breda Eindhoven Helmond Heusden Tilburg ’s-Hertogenbosch

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