General competition conditions

  1. Participation is free of charge and non-binding as regards the purchase of goods or services. By participating in this competition, the user accepts these terms and conditions. The competition form entitles each user to participate once. VisitBrabant reserves the right to disqualify participants or exclude them from participation at any time, without giving reasons, or to not award prizes, for example if a participant violates one of these terms and conditions, tries to manipulate the competition or influence it in another unlawful manner.
  2. Participation is open to people aged 18 and over. Employees of the VisitBrabant organisation and others involved are not eligible for participation. A game participant must be the person who is linked to the e-mail address or Facebook account used to register for participation in the competition.
  3. The participant must provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information when participating in the competition. VisitBrabant may ask a winner to provide proof of his/her identity and a valid document evidencing registration at the address supplied by the participant.
  4. The winners may receive notice of their prize by e-mail at the e-mail address provided by the participant.
  5. No correspondence can be provided about the result or award of the prize.
  6. The prize is exclusive to the winner and will be in the winner’s name. The prize cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash or for other products or services. If the prize or competition conditions are not accepted, the prize will not be awarded. VisitBrabant will then be entitled to choose another winner.
  7. A number of prizes that are described in the competition may be won or – in unforeseen circumstances – an alternative prize will be decided on by VisitBrabant. VisitBrabant will draw lots from all the participants to determine the winner. The result cannot be influenced by multiple participation and no correspondence can be entered into about the outcome. 
  8. If VisitBrabant needs address details or other specific information, it is the responsibility of the prize winner to respond (by e-mail) promptly (within three days). If the prize winner responds later, VisitBrabant cannot guarantee that the winner will receive the prize (for example, free tickets) on time or be able to cash it in, in full. VisitBrabant cannot be held responsible for messages that are not received or read too late. By accepting the prize, the winner agrees that his/her name may be used in a reasonable way for promotional purposes, without any compensation.
  9. Prizes are not transferrable or redeemable for cash, unless stated otherwise. If a prize has to be changed afterwards, VisitBrabant is liable for this.
  10. VisitBrabant’s game results are definitive. No correspondence can be entered into about the outcome and such requests will not be answered. VisitBrabant reserves the right to suspend or modify the competition in full or part.
  11. VisitBrabant or its agents are not liable for any financial loss and/or any other loss arising from the competition, including but not limited to financial loss and/or any other loss and/or disadvantage resulting from participation, the inability to participate or the use of the prize. This exclusion of liability will not apply if the damage is caused by the intent or deliberate recklessness of VisitBrabant (“own actions”) itself and/or the board of VisitBrabant. In addition, VisitBrabant cannot guarantee that the website or Facebook page will always be available to use.
  12. Every participant agrees to the storage of his personal data in the database of VisitBrabant. By participating in such a VisitBrabant competition, you also give permission for your data to be processed. The data that VisitBrabant receives in the context of this competition will be handled in accordance with the relevant laws and privacy regulations
  13. If the prize involves tickets for film festivals, film showings, or similar or other types of events, no form of compensation may be claimed in the event of cancellation.
  14. The participant gives permission for personal data to be processed in relation to his/her participation in the competition. VisitBrabant may enter the personal data into its database, which will be handled in confidence.
  15. The personal data may use used to implement the competition and the award of the prize. In that context, VisitBrabant is entitled, after obtaining digital/written permission, to provide the personal data to third parties that are involved in the relevant competition.
  16. VisitBrabant is in no way liable for any problems or defects that arise from the use of the website and/or downloading any components related to the competition.
  17. VisitBrabant is entitled to disqualify participants and/or exclude them from participating if it believes that the participants are not acting in accordance with the Competition Terms and Conditions or if the participants otherwise gain fraudulent access to the competition or influence the course of the competition in an unfair manner.
  18. VisitBrabant is at all times, at its discretion and without prior notice, entitled to change or modify these Competition Terms and Conditions during the course of the competition or, without giving reasons, to suspend, change or modify the competition due to motivating reasons, without VisitBrabant being liable to pay the participant any form of compensation. VisitBrabant will publish changes or modifications to the competition on its website in an appropriate manner.
  19. If one of more provisions of these Competition Terms and Conditions is void or invalid, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions of the Competition Terms and Conditions.
  20. For questions, complaints or comments about the competition, please send an e-mail to specifying the name of the competition. VisitBrabant will respond as soon as possible.
  21. Permission to use personal data may be withdrawn at all times by sending an e-mail to
  22. This competition, the game conditions and any disputes related to the competition are governed by Dutch law. VisitBrabant reserves the right, at its discretion and without prior notice, to change the game conditions or to end, interrupt or change the competition.
  23. By participating in this competition I agree to receiving a maximum of two newsletters at the e-mail address I specified.