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In Land van Cuijk, not far from cities like ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Nijmegen, you will find traces of many centuries of Dutch history. One thing is certain: cycling, walking and culture lovers will quickly feel at home in this region. Discover the UNESCO area Maasheggen, the remarkable fortified towns and wonderful historical museums, including the largest war museum in the Netherlands. 

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The Roman emperor Julius Caesar cursed them, the 'impenetrable hedges' along the river Meuse, between Maashees and Cuijk. The Meuse hedges of the past are now the oldest cultural landscape in the Netherlands. In 2018 the hedges, called Maasheggen in Dutch, received the status of UNESCO biosphere reserve. It is the only such site in the Netherlands. The area is great for exploring by bike. You can follow the trail of the Romans who passed through this area at the beginning of our era.

The Heksenboom Gateway is located about 10 kilometres to the west, in Sint Anthonis, which is the starting point for a great hike or cycling trip through the national forest. Forest, heathland, fields and meadows alternate beautifully. Pause at the top of the sand dunes to admire the grazing Scottish Highlanders or enjoy the sounds of the songbirds. If you are lucky, you will spot some roe deer during the day. 

  • Land van Cuijk
  • Natuurpoort De Heksenboom St. Anthonis


Between the villages of Grave and Cuijk you will find the Kraaijenbergse Plassen (Kraaijenberg Lakes). Almost five square kilometres in total, it’s one of the largest water sports areas in Brabant. You can go on the water with a boat, a canoe, a surfboard or a stand-up paddleboard. Next to this area you will find the historic fortified town of Grave, which lies on the Muese river. Despite many sieges over the centuries, this fortress town has managed to retain its beautiful and authentic centre, many buildings of which have recently been restored. Together with 10 other fortified towns in Brabant, Grave is part of the Zuiderwaterlinie walking route. If you’d like to discover more fortified towns in Brabant, Read our article 6 of the most beautiful fortified towns in North Brabant

  • Vestingstad Grave, wandelen over de vestingwal
  • Grave | Vestingstad | Zuiderwaterlinie
  • Vestingstad Grave


War Museum Overloon is the oldest museum about the Second World War in Western Europe, and the largest war museum in the Netherlands. A new feature is the cycle path that runs right through the museum, allowing you to take a look inside even if you haven’t bought a ticket. The cycle path, at a height of 3 metres, is part of the the numbered junction network.You can also cycle straight into the Overloon Dunes, a versatile and attractive area for cycling and walking.    

  • Fietsbrug Oorlogsmuseum Overloon
  • Oorlogsmuseum Overloon

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