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Ploegendienst like to kick hard. Against the masses, against closed doors and against public transport gates. Literally then. Figuratively, it is a band that wants to demolish every venue in as short time as possible. Musically it's somewhere between 80's hardcore punk, oi and thrash. Led by Ray Fuego, the band brings you compact, hard-hitting songs that you immediately want to scream along to.

The Dutch texts are mainly about the major inconveniences of life: tourist terror, broken telephones and the system. In the meantime, the band (consisting of Ray Fuego, who you know from SMIB, and veterans of Aux Raus and Adolf Butler, among others) continues at a killer pace. So bring that mosh, build that pit and tear down your house. In the club, in the pub or at your mother's house. Ploe-Ploe-Ploegendienst..Ploe-Ploe-Ploe-Ploegendienst.


Dommelstraat 2
5611 CK Eindhoven
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  • Saturday the 16th of december 2023 at 20:15