Plien van Bennekom, Ilse Warringa, Rop Verheijen e.a.

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A very witty musical comedy that loosely elaborates on the work of Jane Austen. We go back two centuries in time and follow three sisters and their mother in their longings for love, passion and desire. But is this in line with modern times? Can old-fashioned yearning, capturing and dressing up still be done? Immerse yourself in an evening full of fluttering dresses, flashy wigs, finery, frills, coquettish dances and sincere feelings. With the best comedy actors in the Netherlands: Plien van Bennekom, Rop Verheijen, Wart Kamps, Bart Rijnink and Ilse Warringa. Director: Timothy de Gilde.


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  • Regularfrom €28.50 to €38.50