Remko Vrijdag, Gerrie van der Klei, Frederik Brom e.a

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Following the success of The Mousetrap, Agatha Christie's ultimate plot-twist murder mystery, Murder on the Orient Express, is coming to the theater with an absolutely star-studded cast! When a murder is committed aboard the Orient Express, the blood-curdling search for the culprit begins. Experience the ultimate evening full of intrigue, suspense, mystery and unexpected plot twists. Keep your wits about you because anyone could have done it... A murder case you won't soon forget. Also featuring: Lone van Rosendaal, Wilbert Gieske, Ruben Brinkman and others.


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  • Wednesday the 28th of february 2024 at 20:00Tickets


  • Regularfrom €32.50 to €42.50