AmeeZing Valkenswaard

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The AmeeZing KonZertband is calling it quits! But they will take you on another musical sing-along tour through 5 decades of pop history. Exuberant, multimedia, and interactive... In short, the very last AmeeZing Valkenswaard called leKKer Binnen. We provide the snacks, lyrics, and music. You bring the fun and a lubricated voice. This show has been completely sold out for more than 11 consecutive years. And now it is time for the very last AmeeZing KonZert in the Kempen's coziest theater. The theater seats have been removed and the bars have been put in, so there is plenty of room to dance. Although we always provide some seating options. Ameezing Valkenswaard was first started by a group of musicians and singers from the UNA Night of the Proms.


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  • €17.00