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The Neverending Story is a performance for young and old, with live music and wonderful creatures.

Basje Boeckx is sometimes bullied for her rich imagination. She steals the book 'The Infinite Story' and hides in an attic. There she reads about the adventures of the young hero Atréjoe, who must save the kingdom of Fantásië from the advancing 'Nothing'. The worlds of Fantásië and Basje increasingly coincide, until she herself ends up in the story. She saves the little empress and gains great power. But will Basje know how to deal with that sort of responsibility? And what role will the lucky dragon Foechoer play in the story?The performance is performed by seven actors who bring these fantastic creatures to life through puppets and masks, and do so with five musicians from Slagwerk Den Haag.

  • Excl. beverage
  • Children must also have a ticket.


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  • Sunday the 7th of january 2024 at 15:00Tickets


  • Regular€18.50