Christel de Laat 'And by' Lieshout

Christel de Laat 'And by'

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And by! used to be Christel de Laat's life motto. Don't mope, don't waste time, life waits, and the sun goes out for nothing. That attitude has taken her far. But lying in the braces of the gynaecologist (who, by the way, bears many similarities to her dentist), Christel realised that it might actually be better to stop and just feel more often.

So in her new performance En door! it is run or stand still. Hilarious stories, intimate confessions, foaming frustrations and quiet moments alternate at high speed.

In short, typical De Laat. And by!


Ons Tejater
Grotenhof 2
5737CB Lieshout
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  • Friday the 15th of december 2023 at 20:30


  • €26.00