Wat een amateurs! UNCOVER23

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UNCOVER23 shows the final work of 16 photographers who attended the online Academy of Forum BEELDtaal for four years. Forum BEELDtaal focuses on visual language and storytelling with workshops, personal guidance and the Academy. UNCOVER is on show once every two years at Pennings Foundation. The Academy's final assignment is to create a series. The subjects the photographers chose deal with personal history, identity and social issues.

The participants are: Connie Akkermans, Lucia Berg, Martin de Bock, Odette Cattrysse, Ria Cox and Marion Willemsen, Sam Dekkers, Nicole Hagesteijn, Anneke Jager, Peter Janssen, Rachel Lemlijn, Susan Leurs, Ferdi Notten, Jurgen Onland, Geri Put, Christi Wijnen.

For information about the photographers see: https://www.uncover23.nl
For information about the academy see: www.forumbeeldtaal.nl/academy

The group exhibition is on show from Saturday November 4 to Saturday December 2, 2023
2023 at Pennings Foundation, Geldropseweg 63, Eindhoven. Open Wednesday to Saturday from 12:00 to 17:00.


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  • Daily until december 2nd, 2023