Brabant throws open its doors during the most mysterious hours of the day

Discover the top attractions of Brabant during BrabantNacht 2017

On 23 September 2017, the second edition of BrabantNacht will take place. More than 20 of the top attractions in Brabant will throw open their doors during the most mysterious and exciting hours of the day, to show just how special Brabant is. Because in the dark, you see more, hear more and experience more!

Brabant has a lot to offer all year round: a beautiful province that highly values hospitality. It is an ideal destination for a weekend away. During BrabantNacht, you can visit cities, theme parks, and other special places in Brabant for a unique experience - in the dark!  - and discover why you should add Brabant to your bucket list as a short break destination.

You discover more after dark...
For example, you can go on a guided night safari with a torch in Beekse Bergen Safari Park, or go on a voyage of discovery through the landscape that inspired Van Gogh in Zundert and Nuenen. In the Efteling you can experience the magic of Raveleijn, and in the Biesbosch National Park you can hear nature's most beautiful concert during a twilight stroll.

Go on an expedition in the Grebbe of Bergen op Zoom (a restored ancient waterway), or cycle through Breda, and discover the city with the Blind Walls Gallery. Play the lead in your own 'Night at the Museum' during an after-hours museum visit in 's-Hertogenbosch, or design your own design piece in Eindhoven, Design Capital of the Netherlands. Let yourself be surprised by the cultural highlights of Tilburg, or immerse yourself in the Urban Culture of Helmond.

More information and tickets
You can find all information about BrabantNacht, including the full packages and tickets on BrabantNacht is an initiative of VisitBrabant in cooperation with, among others, the Efteling, Safari Park Beekse Bergen, Van Gogh Brabant, 's-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg, Breda, Eindhoven, Biesbosch National Park, Helmond, Bergen op Zoom, and the Province of Noord- Brabant.


Note for editorial, not for publication:

BrabantNacht is the culmination of an (inter)national campaign to put Brabant on the map as a tourist destination. Do you want to know more about the campaign, or about BrabantNacht? Are you as a journalist interested in experiencing BrabantNacht for yourself? If so, then please get in touch.

Tamara Ernst | 0031 – 6 – 24 36 09 29 | , and in the case of absence,
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About VisitBrabant
VisitBrabant is the marketing organisation for Brabant as a destination. Its purpose is to showcase Brabant as the most innovative and hospitable province (inter)nationally, in order to promote the short break market. VisitBrabant is facilitated by the Province of North Brabant to give the leisure economy a boost.