Brabant is Open

Brabant is Open. We welcome you with open arms. Are you coming? Magically discover what makes Brabant so special. 

Let us pamper you and allow yourself to be seduced by Brabant. We do not keep the secret places for ourselves, but share them with you. And this is what we love to do. Because being together is so much more fun than being alone. Enjoy it and join in. In every season, on every holiday, for everyone. Brabant is Open. Always. 

Experience Brabant as the locals do, and immerse yourself in their hospitality. Our locals share their must-sees, but also the hidden gems. And they give you exactly those secrets that you do not find in the travel guides. Doors that normally remain closed open for you, and you discover the most special places in Brabant.

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The Efteling


Van Gogh Brabant

Beekse Bergen


Bergen op Zoom

Good food in Brabant