Discover the hotspots during a two-day

stay in North-Brabant

Pauline Egge from has a passion for design hotspots. Those special addresses that you really have to search for. She was recently in North-Brabant for a city tour. She visited 's-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg and Heusden. These cities can be easily combined, not just because of their proximity but also for what they offer. Heusden and ’s-Hertogenbosch are beautiful old towns with picturesque alleyways where time seems to stand still. And these towns are also a paradise for design enthusiasts. You can see with your own eyes why Dutch Design and Brabant are so closely intertwined, especially during the Mondrian to Dutch Design theme year. True to style she stayed at Hotel Bossche Suites. Read for yourself why Pauline was so impressed by all the wonderful things she discovered!

Pauline’s views about 's-Hertogenbosch: "As well as being a beautiful city, Den Bosch is also extremely interesting for design and art lovers. Go and discover the story behind Social Label in the Werkwarenhuis and discover how designers work together with people who are excluded from the job market because, for example, they are deaf or have psychological problems. Be inspired by the many fine restaurants and shops which abound in the town, and round it all off by visiting the exhibition by Chiharu Shiota in the Noordbrabants Museum.” Read more about her visit to 's-Hertogenbosch on


Pauline’s views about Tilburg: “Tilburg is the Textile Capital of the Netherlands, and possibly over the border. The fact that designers such as Viktor & Rolf, Studio Job and Jan Taminiau have their fabrics produced here, speaks for itself. So I was pleased to finally see the Textile Museum and to learn more about fabrics and especially to see them. You can see Studio Job’s tea towels being made right in front of your eyes. Tilburg is a city that is divided into several zones where you’ll find all sorts of great things. Such as the Dwaalgebied for independent shops and restaurants or the Piushaven where you can sit in the beautiful garden of Villa Pastorie. I personally found the Spoorzone really good because two really cool restaurants have opened there; De Houtloods and De Wagon. Highly recommended! Read more about her visit to Tilburg on

Pauline’s views about Heusden: "A friend once said to me ‘you should take a look at your town as if you were a tourist’. I now take her advice even more; ‘you should take a look at your country as if you were a tourist’. And then drive to Heusden. Take it from me, you’ll walk around here as though you’ve arrived in a different century. Where there just happened to be a great vintage Volkswagen van.”