North Brabant is beautiful, and entirely from the air... VisitBrabant presents a list of the most impressive drone images from Brabant! Ready to enjoy?

1. Africa close up

Have you ever seen the Beekse Bergen Safari Park from up in the air? And as we're quite accustomed to in Brabant, the drone can be confident of a hospitable welcome! Video: WOUW! Luchtopnames

2. The city of Hieronymus Bosch...

Beautiful images of sights including the Drakenfontein monument, Bossche Broek and St. John's Cathedral. Intrigued as to what else 's-Hertogenbosch has to offer? Take a look at our 's-Hertogenbosch page.  Video: Ralf van de Veerdonk, Veerdonk Visuals.

3. The Brabant Sahara

A stroll through the drifting sand, a cycle ride through the forests or mountain biking over the dunes. The Loonse en Drunense Duinen is not only beautiful but extremely diverse. Video: Rowin van Zaanen, 11 Shots Media

4. Heusden fortress town

Thousands of tourists visit Heusden every year, and this video explains why. Tip: there are spectacular views of the landscape and restored city from the fortress walls. Video: XL Creations

5. De Malpie nature reserve

There's good reason why Valkenswaard was voted the walking district of the Netherlands in 2016.  The stunning Malpie certainly has a lot to do with it! Tip: De Malpie nature port at the Venbergse Mill is the ideal starting point for a cycle ride or hike through this amazing area. Video: Maarten Moonen, Moon Entertainment.

6. De Biesbosch National Park

A visit to De Biesbosch National Park starts at Biesbosch museum island. De Biesbosch is a fun adventure — a boat trip with guide to activities for the children, from hiking trips to your own electric boat. Who knows, maybe you'll even spot a beaver along the way? Video: Biesbosch museum island, created by Roel Diepstraten

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