Brabant restaurant serves dishes from 3D printer

'Brainport' Eindhoven has long since put East Brabant on the map as a renowned region of innovation. But now, a Brabant restaurant has come up with another brilliantly fresh idea: dishes from a 3D printer!

Starting on 14 May, the restaurant in the Karpendonkse Hoeve in Eindhoven will boast its own 3D printer, producing edible shapes instead of plastic designs.

The Karpendonkse Hoeve is collaborating with Upprinting Food, a start-up from the TU in Eindhoven on this unique project. Upprinting Food focuses on sustainability and food, creating valuable food concepts using 3D food printing technology. And sustainable is one thing this concept certainly is, as the printer uses food waste to create new dishes.

Worldwide, 1/3 of the food that's produced is thrown out. In the Netherlands, the most discarded product is bread, while fruit and vegetables are often thrown out because they are not 'beautiful' enough or because they're too ripe. Upprinting makes purees using a range of ingredients that would normally be thrown away and turns those purees into edible shapes with the 3D printer. The moulds are then baked and dehydrated until crispy. You may have already tasted some of their printed snacks at Dutch Design Week last year, and if you missed out, you'll get another chance this month!

Where else than at a restaurant in Eindhoven could you be one of the first to get the chance to taste this unique product? The 3D printer will be prominently displayed in the restaurant at the Karpendonkse Hoeve, so you can see for yourself how your dish is made. The Karpendonkse Hoeve has earned a Michelin star and is a member of Noord Brabant Culinair (NBC). NBC is committed to guarding and spreading the gastronomic heritage of Brabant with Brabant partners in food, culture, innovations and sport.

The 3D printer will be in the Karpendonkse Hoeve until 28 May, so if you want to try it out, you'll have to be quick!


Gerechten uit de 3D printer!
Gerechten uit de 3D printer!