Backpack experiences from our guest blogger Naline

Isn’t backpacking something you only do in faraway lands? No, absolutely not! Put on your backpack and discover how lovely and surprising North Brabant can be. Naline, our guest blogger, has been out on the road and shared her experiences with us. Curious? Then read on right now.

‘I can peer endlessly at old-fashioned maps, and Google Maps is a standard keyboard shortcut. That says a lot about my talent for getting lost, but even more about my love of exploring. As a writer I have been able to collect stories from all corners of the world, but the map of the Netherlands remains my favourite. With Brabant as my new home, an atlas full of experiences has once again opened up. One in which the Brabant folk play a leading role and point the way to their favourite places in the province.’

Culture and heritage in Brabant - Be inspired by these city trips from Naline