9 unique design locations in Brabant

Even nowadays the main aspects of the Dutch art movement De Stijl (The Style)  still inspire many Dutch designers. You will get a unique insight into the world of Dutch Design in Brabant, the Dutch Design district of the Netherlands. .

1.    Strijp-R

In 2010 the designer Piet Hein Eek decided to move his entire business to Strijp-R,  a former Philips factory site in Eindhoven. Visitors can not only see how designs are created here, they can buy them afterwards in the design shop!  Or how about a delicious lunch or dinner in the Piet Hein Eek restaurant? Fully furnished with the designer’s own products, of course. Who knows, you may even get to meet him…

2.    Graphic Matters

During Graphic Matters, formerly the Graphic Design Festival Breda, young designers and established names show you the world from a different point of view. Breda is immersed in animation and visual activities for the whole of October. With exhibitions, talk shows, workshops and guided tours, this is a must-visit!

3.    Sundaymorning@ekwc

Oisterwijk is home to the world’s most renowned skills and development centre for ceramics: Sundaymorning@ekwc. Artists, designers and architects from all over the world live here temporarily and experiment 24 hours a day working on ceramics and their own designs. And  as a visitor you are welcome to watch them! The artists’ residence, the workplace with its large ovens and an ongoing exhibition make this a unique place to visit!


4.    Rietveldgemeente Bergeijk

Gerrit Rietveld was one of the greatest Dutch architects of the last century. He designed many unique objects in the picturesque village of Bergeijk during the Fifties: a clock, a bus shelter, two houses and his only industrial work ‘de Ploeg Weaving Mill’.  The mill opened its doors again in April 2017 with a special visitors centre and regularly changing exhibitions.

5.    Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week in oktober is the largest design event in Northern Europe. For nine days, about 2500 designers will present their new solutions in the fields of product design, spatial design, textile & fashion, design management & trends and graphic design at more than 100 locations scattered right across Eindhoven. Highly recommended for design enthusiasts!


6.    TextielMuseum

The TextielMuseum in Tilburg offers inspiration in the field of design, art and heritage. In addition as a visitor you can also take a look inside the TextielLab, a unique workplace where designers from home and abroad work on their designs and products. They learn here the endless possibilities in the field of yarns, computer-controlled techniques and skills.

7.    Cor Unum

Cor Unum is a ceramics studio in ’s-Hertogenbosch where beautiful ceramics are produced with plenty of passion and skill. People who are distanced from the labour market are teamed up with well-known designers from home and abroad and this results in wonderful products. As a visitor you can be introduced to the entire process, from clay to a design collection!


8.    Kazerne 

Kazerne is housed in the old Customs Barracks in the centre of Eindhoven, a place where you can enjoy a meal and a drink in the middle of a constantly changing exhibition space. And you can buy anything in Kazerne, from the cutlery you just used to the coat hanger you hung your coat on. Now, how cool is that!


9.    Design Museum Den Bosch

Design Museum Den Bosch is Brabant’s leading design museum. Situated in the province’s beautiful capital city of ‘s Hertogenbosch, the museum organises 8 to 10 exhibitions and presentations on design every year. In alternating exhibitions you can enjoy works by Pablo Picasso, Ettore Sottsass, Lucio Fontana, Gijs Bakker and Hella Jongerius, among others.