8 things you probably didn’t know about routes in Brabant

You may have known for some time that Brabant has beautiful countryside and plenty of space for everyone to enjoy it. But did you know that Brabant also has the longest and most frequently used water defence line in the Netherlands? And that you can be introduced to the flavours of Brabant en route? Or that you can enter the world of sagas and legends on your bike?

We’re listing a number of things worth knowing for you, as inspiration for an unforgettable trip in the Brabant countryside!

1. Did you know that Brabant has a footpath network extending to no less than 10,000 kilometres?
Simply plan out your route on the official numbered junction network; you can decide the length of your route yourself, and getting lost is a thing of the past! Or choose one of the experience routes such as the Andreas Schotel Route, or one of the other TOP countryside routes in Brabant.

  • Wandelknooppunt Loonse Drunense Duinen

2. Did you know that the routes in Brabant are among the best in the Netherlands?
People who have used our lovely cycling, walking, horse riding and sailing routes have given them a very high ratings. Not just because no fewer than 400 volunteers take care of the daily (maintenance of) the excellent signposting system, but also because the routes take you along the loveliest cycle and footpaths to places that are well worth stopping off at. En route through Brabant is an experience!

3. Did you know that the Van Gogh Cycle Route (no less than a total of 435 km of cycling pleasure right across Brabant) takes you right past the most beautiful tree in the Netherlands 2020?
Vincent van Gogh’s father was the preacher in Etten-Leur, close to Breda, where Vincent developed as an artist. Right in the centre of the attractive square with views of the impressive Van Gogh church, stands the Moeierboom (from an old Dutch word for ‘mother’), the Tree of the Year. In wintertime this tree is beautifully lit by hundreds of lamps, and in the summer, it is a wonderful place to get some shade.

    4.  Did you know that the Zuiderwaterlinie (Southern Water Defence Line) footpath connects no fewer than 11 fortified towns, surrounded by beautiful countryside?
    The Zuiderwaterlinie is the oldest water defence line in the Netherlands and is the longest and most used of all Dutch water defence lines. You can discover the rich history of defences with water during this walk of no less than 290 kilometres.

    • Heusden vesting van bovenaf
    • Naamsvermelding verplicht: Lieske Meima

    5. Did you know that sagas and legends live on in Brabant, with the exciting Zwarte Kaat (Black Kaat) cycle route in the Kempen region of Brabant?
    The witch’s tree in Bladel is one of the highlights and is very close to the route, so get on your bike in the world of Black Kaat – the witch of Hellenende (Hell’s End) with her jet black hair and ugly crooked nose.

    6. Did you know that a number of towns in Brabant have cycling and walking routes past impressive wall paintings and street art?
    The Blind Walls Gallery in Breda, for example, is the largest street museum and now has almost 100 wall paintings which tell the story of the town. And you can discover all about graffiti and street art and culture in the Street Art Tour in Eindhoven. See how Eindhoven, together with the artists, adds colour to the city with the vibrant Berenkuil (Bear Pit) as one of the highlights. Artists in Tilburg are increasingly taking to the stage in the streets with wonderful portraits of the Brabant master Vincent van Gogh and the Lieve Vlaamse Gaai (Flemish Jay) and Hall of Fame in the Spoorzone area.

    • Blind Walls Gallery
    • Blind Walls Gallery in Breda

    7. Did you know that Brabant is a real equestrian province?
    Anywhere you can go on foot or on your bike, you can go on a horse. Brabant has an excellent network of bridleways. Plan out your own route and join the different junctions together. Or ride right across the Kempen along the Cartierheide horse and carriage route, one of the TOP countryside routes in Brabant.

    8. Did you know that you can cycle through a museum in Brabant?
    A cycle overpass has been constructed in the Overloon War Museum that goes right through the museum for almost 100 metres. The cycle bridge is part of the Aan de Andere Kant (On the Other Side) cycle route, an extension of the Liberation Route Brabant cycle route. This impressive route (340 km) is divided into eight sections and takes you past WW2 locations, heritage sites, museums and audio spots.

    • Fietsbrug Oorlogsmuseum Overloon
    • Fietsbrug Oorlogsmuseum Overloon