Holy Moly Breda

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Inge Ament

When in Breda, you must go to Holy Moly. As you step inside, you soon discover that it is not your average restaurant. You find yourself in a magical, enchanting world. The illuminated tree in the wild and untamed theatre instantly draws your attention. On the menu, you’ll find all kinds of street food dishes and delicious cocktails. But you don’t go to Holy Moly just for the food because here, you discover the story behind the untamed theatre in the Theatre Trip. Magdalena Moly tells you the story of the theatre boss, Holy Moly (her husband), and the mysteries that have taken place in this once extremely successful theatre. During the Trip, you explore the 17 rooms and get to know more about what took place behind the screens. It is highly recommended for all ages. Holy Moly also regularly organises comedy nights, drag shows and other themed parties. There is something for everyone!

Torenstraat 17
4811XV Breda
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