Owl walk at full moon in Diessen

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Laura Weterings

If you are interested in owls and birds of prey you should really visit the birds of prey park in Diessen 3 times:

*Once with the children for the educational bird-of-prey demonstrations, where you also get to know the individual characters of the animals, such as the naive Kraantje, the cute Pino and cheeky little Coco.
*A workshop, where you will be handling a variety of birds of prey and owls on your arm and flying them, something to cross off your bucket list.
*And finally the monthly owl walk at full moon. First they let their own owls fly for you in the twilight and then you go owl spotting in the local countryside. Guided by biologists, this is a unique experience.

In the park itself they strive to create as natural a situation as possible for the birds. A beautiful piece of nature was created with lots of vegetation, an open plain and a large pond, which also attracts many other animals.

Watermolenweg 6
5087 KS Diessen
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