Walk or cycle past the Blind Walls Gallery in Breda

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Florence Verhoeven

The Blind Walls Gallery is a public street art museum. Wall paintings by various artists can be found right through the city. Every wall painting is on a ‘blind wall’ and each tells its own story inspired by the (history of) the city.

I love doing this! Download the app and you can make (free) use of the walking or cycling route. You’ll get to places that you wouldn’t normally see so easily, and you get to learn about the city in a different way. Breda’s ‘ugly’ streets are brought back to life!

You can also walk or cycle the route with a guide. That’s certainly added value as you’ll get extra information about each artist, the techniques that were used and the story behind the painting. That way you are more ‘in the picture’.

Hoornwerkstraat 1
4814 AN Breda
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