A great day in Beekse Bergen Safari Park

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Nicky van der Heijden

I used to visit the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in Hilvarenbeek as a kid. It's (it has) completely changed - so much so that I didn't recognize it. As you enter, you can choose between going on a walking safari, a boat safari, a car safari or a bus safari. A car safari is driving amongst the animals with your own car. A boat safari is a relaxing way to see the animals from the water. A walking safari is a long walk through African landscapes, and on the bus safari you'll get to hear all about the animals. The animals stay in (very) large enclosures, so sometimes you have to look carefully to see them. Spend the whole day there together to see and experience it all. I went home with several hundred photos and had a really amazing day at the Safari Park. Definitely worth the effort.

Beekse Bergen 1
5081 NJ Hilvarenbeek
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