Car safari and more in the Beekse Bergen

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Florence Verhoeven

Beekse Bergen Safari Park is located in Hilvarenbeek, near Tilburg.
It's a large, beautiful park with many different animals that you can see from your car, the bus, a boat and/or on a walking safari.

My tip is to start your visit off by taking your own car on the car safari - it's also less busy then. You'll be able to see the animals up close and photograph them. The best part is that, at the end of the car safari, you drive past the giraffes, and they come right up to the cars! (see photo) But do stay in your car during the car safari :)

Then just park your car, and walk the Walking Safari route. There are also bird of prey shows at various times which are great fun. The birds fly low over the audience so you can see them up close.

If you visit on a (very) warm day, the animals will probably mostly be hiding/lying in the shade. It's better to visit the park when it's not too hot and humid. That's when the animals are all a bit more active and easier to spot.

Beekse Bergen 1
5081 NJ Hilvarenbeek
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